Natalia Oledzka is a freelance graphic designer from NYC, previously working as a Senior Designer at PORTO ROCHA. She graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a BFA in Communication Design. Awarded a 2019 TDK Award, and has been featured in Intern Magazine, Cargo Collective, Typewolf, and It’s Nice That (1 / 2). 

Clients include Netflix, Twitch, Nike, Hinge, Upwork, W Hotels, Google, BPM Music, Sundance Film Festival, QuintoAndar, The Wildest, Whiteread, Church, Amissima, PAC NYC.

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Quilo, Journal of Photographic Tales from Brasil 
          Conceived by Brazil-born, London-based photographer and creative director Mico Toledo, QUILO is a single edition publication that brings together the work of 38 contemporary photographers and six writers from Brazil. An unprecedented collection of some of the country's best documentary photography and writing.
          Agency: PORTO ROCHA; Credits: Felipe Rocha, Leo Porto, Natalia Oledzka, Vitor Carvalho, Elisa Bortolini

            In partnership with Alto and talented illustrators, animators, and photographers, we sought to craft an identity that would communicate the brand’s authentic story of creative innovation, fostered talent, and human connection.
          Agency: PORTO ROCHA & Alto; Credits: Felipe Rocha, Leo Porto, Joseph Lebus, Natalia Oledzka, Marcos Rodrigues, Fionn Breen, Habin Koh, Scholar, Nicholas Schröder, Luciana Thiesen

Elena Heatherwick 
                Portfolio website and assets for photographer Elena Heatherwick.

BPM Music 
          When it comes to discovering, downloading, and creating tracks, BPM Music is the go-to source for DJs and industry pros. A new identity and website allows them to show up as the leader they are—in both tech and culture. Riffing on the visual cues of track mixing, the system transforms simple elements into ownable gestures that connect back to BPM’s product without being too literal. In layouts, vertical dividing lines reminiscent of beat intervals create visual rhythm; in a new logo, the symbol references keys of a keyboard, drum pad or a laptop, playing on the brand's musical and technical sides.
          Agency: PORTO ROCHA; Credits: Leo Porto, Joseph Lebus, Natalia Oledzka, Thales Muniz, Marcos Rodrigues, Giovana Yahiro, Martin Azambija, Chae Park, Mauro Bonilla, Duncan Brazzil, Elisa Bortolini

           QuintoAndar is the largest housing platform in Latin America, revolutionizing how people find and move into new homes, whether renting or buying. Answering the needs for both scalability and human warmth, the flexible design system was inspired by the idea of frames. This simple visual device has an emotional tenor: whether it’s a favorite view through a window, or a family photo on the wall, frames call to mind the most personal parts of our spaces, and further bringing together warm photography, illustration, video and typography that celebrate a multitude of stories and perspectives. The logomark futher expands on this visual motif, referencing the 'Q' in QuintoAndar with the geometric precision of a floor plan. Alluding to an open door, the mark extends a welcoming invitation into the different spaces and connections the platform makes possible.
        Agency: PORTO ROCHA; Credits: Felipe Rocha, Leo Porto, Natalia Oledzka, Marcos Rodrigues, Lucas Machado, Elisa Bortolini, Thales Muniz, Young Woo, Duncan Brazzil

                 Modular display font originally developed in HTML/CSS.